Profound Business-Consulting starts exactly where you are to ensure  success for your business.

Your business contains not only black and white, it varies in a thousand shades of gray. Daily.

HEC-International Consulting provides you with the right consulting for your particular business success and future development. We always start at your site to ensure success, advise first steps in new directions and make sure that these first steps are made by you and your skilled team so that you will experience success on your own.

Big economic theories are often not suitibale for small and medium sized companies, because of unavailiable resources and lack of skilled employees. Therefore, it is important to choose the right first steps in new territories which are tailor made for you and allow you to continue by yourself. 

HEC-International Consulting starts with you and your team,
whether you are searching for new executives, a new sales forces or new markets.

HEC-International Consulting takes you from there where you are.
In order to do this,  we limit ourself to a small scale of consulting areas that are important for your sucessful future. Please study our portfolio.


Hermann Eichhorn



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